The Rainbow Cat (Happy Pride Month)

Rainbow Cat artwok by Emma Chipman

There are many different types of cats. They come in many colors, and in all sorts of shapes and sizes. At home, I have a one-eyed cat, so he’s different from other cats. But cats can be distinguished by more than their physical attributes. Let’s imagine that everyone is a cat. After all, who wouldn’t want to sleep all day?

Cats are known for many features; they sleep a lot, eat, and on occasion, purr. We have a lot of ideas about cats. We see them on supervillains’ laps a lot. They were also viewed as gods and goddesses in ancient Egypt. I think that a black cat is lucky in some parts, and a sign of misfortune in others. We have a lot of perceptions about cats, and a lot of ideas about our own cats. I’ve always thought that my cat is a Chinese bandit. The truth is that he meows a lot for food, and is fortunate to be adopted. (He did steal my angel cake once. That made me furious.)

There is a cat that you might have heard of; the rainbow cat. But you’ve never seen a rainbow cat, right? Wrong! You have probably encountered the rainbow cat somewhere, seen them in the media, or have heard others talk about them. The rainbow cat knows a lot; it knows that some cats prefer to eat chicken, and some of them eat chicken and fish. Cats are mostly known to eat fish, and some tabby cats like to eat Swedish fish. Some think that cats should only eat fish; others accept cats who eat chicken, fish, and those cats who don’t want the food given to them at all. I think that the rainbow cat tells everyone that it is fine to eat chicken, fish and chicken, or swedish fish. It also loves cats who don’t want to eat trashy human food.

If you think that I’m wrong, then think again! The rainbow cat is everywhere, and it is telling people that it is alright to eat what food they want to, when they want to. A good meal is a good meal. I also heard the rainbow cat whisper “love is love”. The rainbow cat stands for love, and for variety. It tells other cats to embrace a culture that supports every-cats’ eating preferences. It speaks out against those who claim that cats should only eat fish, and that eating other foods is disgraceful. Many cats are conflicted because they don’t eat fish, eat something other than fish, or don’t eat human food; the rainbow cat is there to tell them that it is alright to embrace differentiation in consumption, and that it is natural to feel conflicted about a cat’s consumption identity.

The rainbow cat also understands that while there are aspects that a glitter cat could never comprehend, this tension exists due in part to the ills of prejudice. Prejudice is kicking a cat out of its napping spot for preferring chicken, it is caterwauling horrible slurs at them, and even threatening them with violence if they don’t eat fish. There are even some who try to take a brush with soap to scrub the rainbow cat’s rainbow away. The rainbow cat is very proud of its rainbow colors, but there are those who believe that the existence of that pride is shameful; to these folk, the rainbow is the shame itself, even if cats can’t help what they prefer to eat. No cat can become more liable to prefer chicken, and talking about cats who enjoy fish and chicken doesn’t make an undecided cat more or less inclined to a dining taste. The rainbow cat often wonders for how long it will have to meow cruel tales to educate those that don’t want to understand its point of view.

Sometimes, when it is called particularly nasty names, the rainbow cat wants to cry. Other times, it is seething with rage. There are also times where the rainbow cat is happily purring with others who enjoy chicken, and cats who like fish that listen to and respectfully engage with cats of other consumption preferences. The rainbow cat stands for pride, love, and equality. It particularly enjoys it when it doesn’t vanish after June, and when it can inspire many others with messages of support, resistance, and courage beyond. Even if you don’t believe in the rainbow cat, you likely have one like it curled up within you, waiting to be unleashed in a glitter-rainbow color bonanza. By now, I would hope that the world is ready for multiple rainbow cats of many kinds meowing in support, against discrimination, and for ethical, equitable treatment. The rainbow cat is the spiritual guardian of the soul of one person’s support for pride; everyone’s personal rainbow cat in one, giant, furry feline of love.



Student, reader, cat lover. Dabbling in experimentation and self-expression.

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Samantha Chipman

Student, reader, cat lover. Dabbling in experimentation and self-expression.